Decades of Hard and soft Injustice

by beh,

I am a brown color Iranian American and have been a Naturalized U.S citizen since the seventies. Despite of decades of hard and soft discriminations including but not limited to multiple job related, socially related, and government related discriminations I consider myself successful simply because I never considered myself as a victim and if things got tough I made myself even tougher. However, all of this came with the price of extreme mental and physical hardship on myself and the people around me making life painful at times. Here is a short summary: 1.0 Out of the blue and in public view being called names saying go home. 2.0 Been followed, yelled at and sprayed on. 3.0 While working for a Fortune 200 my incompetent boss viciously lays me off. After taking the company to court the company fires him because he had lied about his professional degree. 3.0 Harrased and detained at airports for hours. 4.0 I have been a peace activist for decades with thousands of social media factual comments which many of them criticizing the government. The most and worst of all injustices that still continues has been decades long of government surveillance. This includes but not limited to a military helicopter taking close photo shots from my residence, eavesdropping, computer monitoring, mobile labs testing my sewer outlet as well as surveillance by traffic lights, helicopters, and spy planes right over my head while driving which are causing distractions and endangering my life, my family and other drivers on the road. I have taken videos and photos of them which are mostly visible at nights.

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