It’s not only against color it’s also racists against women

by Survived ,

I was 8 months pregnant and my now ex had strangled me over the couch cops came because i had called earlier. The officers was in my face asking what I did for him to strangle me and that if I tried to do something. So I just kept telling him that he was going to hit me. And that he did push me on the floor and then when he was choking me I tried to get him off of me. That officer then told me on the way to the jail in back of his car you “women are all the same, you even using drugs and you shouldn’t have changed the locks on the door in the first place.” I couldn’t understand at the time it was my first interaction asking for help because my ex had shown up with a pocket knife. I didn’t know why he was ranting about women deserved to go to jail, 8 months pregnant never in trouble and graduated high school.

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