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Garbage Pickup Problem

Just a few weeks ago, Waste Connections changed their recyclable garbage pickup schedule so that the downtown area and Main St pickup is Monday morning, with cans having to be placed by 6:00 AM. (Previously it was mid-week.) This is a huge problem, because it means that the streets are now lined with garbage cans ALL WEEKEND LONG. Many businesses in the area are closed on weekends, so they put out their cans on Friday evening, some on Saturday evening. So, during the busiest times for vistors and tourists - Friday, Saturday and Sunday - we've got trash cans all up and down the street. Weekend evening merrymakers, farmers market attendees, and Sunday morning post-church brunch goers are now required to maneuver around sidewalk trash cans to get out of their cars and walk down the streets. This schedule MUST be changed. You can't complain about a few concrete public trash recepticles needing updating while plastic bins mar the streets all weekend long. Please insist that Waste Connections change their pickup schedule. Thank you.

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