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Pedestrianize Main Street

Main Street in downtown Vancouver between 5th and 15th streets.

(how about not making the area between uptown and downtown a dead zone and completely inhospitable to pedestrians, a little more thought into joining uptown and downtown into a seamless paradise)

Pedestrianize Main Street......... Make it car free...between 5th and 15th streets.

The cafe's, bars, coffee shops and bars can spread their street furniture with abandon.

Make all the side streets angled parking. Maximize all the spaces possible for parking for the retail establishments.

Remove the parking czar and go back to the old free,time restrained parking meters to encourage people to visit Main Street.

Plenty of room for street vendors, street art, food carts.

Who knows you may get carried away and extend all the way up to fourth plain.

It is not like we're short of space, or North/South roads, a little inspiration to maximize the space we do have would be appreciated.

No more faceless monoliths like those about to take up the blocks between 15th&Millplain D&C streets.


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