Brown in Clark County

by Itstillhappens,

I'm a Latin American, born in Chicago and have lived in Clark County since 1983. About five years ago hear a knock on my door and I open it to see a police officer. The officer says to me that a gentleman was seen by kids taking out his garbage naked. He then goes on to describe the suspect as "white, 6'2 and skinny" he ask if that was me! At the time of this encounter I was 5'6 and 260 pounds, so I laugh and ask the officer if he's kidding. He then ask me to walk outside to have the wittiness look at me, I was confused. After I agreed to walk out and have the witnesses exonerate me, the police officer starts to talk to me in broken Spanish. Speaking in broken Spanish the officer asked me if I run around the neighborhood in my underwear.

Now I'm beginning to feel insulted, at no point in our conversation did I speak to the officer in Spanish nor do I have a accent. I ask the officer to stop talking to me in Spanish; but he refuses to. I informed him that the city had just loss a lawsuit for racial profiling and told him that I would be discussing this incident with a friend of mine on the City Council. The officer offered no apologies and just left. I did call my friend on the city council and later received a phone call from the officers boss with a apology.

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