Two incidents of a few that I am willing to be open about

by Life anew,

I will be specific as I can. I want to start out by saying I am a person of color. Last year I was assaulted in Target by an employee in the bathroom at the Vancouver Plaza Drive location. Before leaving the store that morning I had decided since I travel by bus that I may as well use the restroom seeing as I have had the experience of missing one of my connecting buses to get home quite a few times before, and I did not want to have to hold it for so long. I notice one employee follow me into the Mens bathroom, but did not enter directly after me only a few seconds later. There is no one else in the bathroom. As I am at the urinal I notice the employee come in and his eyes are dead set locked on me. He does not take his eyes off of me from the moment I see him enter and go around to the other urinal. He just stands there looking at me with what I can only describe as a look of hate never once taking his eyes off me. I finish and move to the sink to wash my hands and face. I glance up and see he is still staring at me. I turn around and acknowledge him. "Hi, How are you doing?" or some such thing. Still he says not one word. He leaves the urinal and comes directly towards me in my personal space. "What's going on?" I recall saying, and he grabs at my shirt forcefully into a fist. I immediately back up stunned and bewildered at why an employee would purposefully follow me into the restroom and do this. I am not one to cast judgment upon others, but this man was clearly not in his right mind. I left the store and have never gone back. I go to Hazel dell or far out of my way to the Mill Plain location. I was the only person of color in that store at the time and I feel like he targeted me for a reason.

There was another incident last year. One morning I boarded the Vine to get to one of my appointments. I scan my disability card/ID and board the same time as a few other men, whom happen to be white. I make my way to a seat and the fare cop comes up asking me for my ID. As I show him my card he looks at the card as If I had stolen it or some such nonsense and scans it. It all checks out. I had indeed scanned my transit card at the kiosk before boarding. He hands my ID back and I sit back down. I notice he had not bothered to ask any of the other men that had boarded ahead of me and walked the bus for a few beats. I watched him do this. It feels as though he singled me out. Why single me out and not ask anyone else to check their fares?

There were a few other incidents and my struggles with regards to access to city resources. Is there someone at city hall or in Clark county that I can talk to or email about city resources and things?

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